Coaching To Excellence
"Empowering people to achieve their full potential in life."  

"I want to express my appreciation for the excellent support, training, guidance and mentoring that Debbie Rodgers has provided to me as a coach. I have had other coaches and mentors in learning my real estate profession, but none have been as helpful, knowledgeable, or experienced as Debbie. Her approach to business is precise, stretching and perceptive. She has encouraged me to be my best, do my best, and has been critical in any success I have had or will have in the future.
Thank you Debbie - you make a difference."
Bonnie B.

"Thank you very much for our coaching session yesterday. I really appreciate you being open to discussing my overall life plan and making it better. It means a lot to me. Thank you for your patience, intuition, guidance, direction and support and knowledge."
Lisa L. - Newbury Park

"This has been the best class yet. The instructor was absolutely fabulous. Thank you!"
P.H.- Ontario

"Debbie was an outstanding instructor. She made certain everyone in the room understood the material."
P.H. - Thousand Oaks

"Extremely knowledgeable, communicates very well & made class fun! I will seek out Debbie Rodgers' classes!
J.R. - Cerritos

"Great enthusiasm & energy. Good use of class involvement to create interest and discussion"
A.B. - Cerritos

"I want to say a special thanks to Debbie. Your willingness to allow us to leave the course plan where appropriate, demonstrated a strong sense of confidence AND insight into the unique personality of this class. Thank you for your flexibility,"
Bruce G. - Thousand Oaks